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Welcome to Fenton Family Eyecare, Your Optometry Clinic in Fenton, MO

We're glad you've arrived at the official website for Fenton Family Eyecare, your trusted family optometry clinic in Fenton, MO. Our entire team, lead by optometrist and owner Dr. Vito Vricella, want to welcome you and hope that you'll find the answers to your entire family's eye care needs right here. We combine the comfort and personalized attention of a small optometry office with the advanced techniques and depth of skill you'd find in a large-scale optometry center -- the best of both possible worlds for you and your loved ones.

Eye Exams, Contact Lens Exams, Specialty Contacts, Eyeglasses and So Much More

Our optometry clinic in Fenton can serve as your primary eye care provider for a wide range of issues and procedures, from routine eye exams to specialty contacts and eye disease treatment. We're happy to provide such important services as:

  • Eye exams to check for any lurking eye diseases or vision problems that require correction
  • Contact lens exams to help us fit you with contacts that suit your ocular health, refractive error and lifestyle
  • Contact lenses, including specialty contacts for hard-to-fit eye and vision conditions
  • Eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and other eyewear in a variety of styles and designs
  • Eye disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Vision therapy
  • Eye surgery co-management

Meet Our Optometrist in Fenton, MO

Our optometrist in Fenton MO, Dr. Vricella, serves as an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Missouri – St. Louis when he's not working with area patients of all ages to improve and maintain their eyesight. His extensive training in pediatric optometry, contact lenses and medical eye care, including studies at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, make him an ideal choice as your family's trusted eye care advisor.

Dr. Vricella is joined by an expert, committed team. In addition to our top-flight optometrist, we also have Dr. Mason F. Bias, formerly Chief of Ophthalmology at Keesler AFB Medical Center, offering his skills and experience in cataract surgery. We also benefit from the expertise of our retina expert, Dr. Wayne B. Dudley, who specializes in retinal tears and retinal eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Our entire optical and office staff shares our passion for bringing the very best in modern-day eye care to Fenton, MO residents.

Our Eye Doctor in Fenton Is Ready to Serve You

Selecting the right eye doctor in Fenton depends not only on what the clinic offers but how the practitioner offers it. You'll never feel lost or confused at Fenton Family Eyecare; our optometrist in Fenton, MO will explain every procedure to you and make sure you always understand your treatment, insurance and payment options. We hope you'll examine this website to examine our wide range of services in detail -- but make sure you also schedule that all-important initial visit so you can chat with us in person. Call (636) 305-9600 or use our online schedule to request a consultation at Fenton Family Eyecare!



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Meet The Doctor

  • Vito Vricella

    "A St. Louis native, Dr. Vricella completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2005 where he graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Louis University, there he was awarded a full four-year tuition scholarship. He moved on to complete his Doctorate in Optometry in 2009 with honors at the University of Missouri – St. Louis where he serves as an adjunct clinical professor. He has had extensive training in contact lenses and medical eyecare at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH and is Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry....”

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Read what our patients have to say about us!

  • "Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff, beautiful and clean office space, and a great selection, not to mention that they make sure you are aware what may or may not be covered by insurance."
  • "Staff was really nice, I appreciate the time Kathy spend finding me my glasses."
    Patricia L
  • "Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Learned new techniques on how to clean glasses, and what dust can do. Dr. V was very informative about my eye exam. Thanks for explaining things that have not been explained in the past at other places I have been to."
    Dawn C
  • "Doctor checks carefully and takes the time to explain the details. assistants are nice too."
    Miguel S
  • "Great friendly staff, very nice and knowledgeable doctor. Kids enjoy going"
    Josie F
  • "Friendly Atmosphere, Love it !!!"
    Patricia H
  • "experience is very good, Dr. Vricella is very nice and professional. Explains the technical things very clear and easy to understand. Staffs are very friendly and warm, feel like family"
    Isabel D

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