Eye and Vision Exams

Fenton Family Eyecare Offers Eye and Vision Exams in Fenton MO

Fenton Family Eyecare couldn't live up to its name if it didn't provide that most critical of all preventative procedures, the comprehensive eye and vision exam. These evaluations are crucial to the ocular well-being of every member of your family because they can detect lurking eye diseases, functional issues and refractive errors that you may have never suspected. We hope you'll rely on our optometry clinic as your source for eye and vision exams in Fenton MO.

Why You Need Regular Exams at Our Optometry Clinic in Fenton

If you've never experienced any obvious eye or vision problems, you may be wondering why you should bothering scheduling regular exams at our optometry clinic in Fenton. But the fact is that several eye conditions can do permanent damage to the structures of the eye years before you begin to notice that you're losing your vision. Since there's no getting that lost vision back, early detection is essential so our optometrist in Fenton MO, Dr. Vricella, can administer treatments to get the causes under control as soon as possible.

There are other compelling reasons to schedule regular eye and vision exams at our optometry clinic in Fenton. For instance, children's eyes do not always develop optimal coordination with the brain's vision center, resulting in functional problems that can hinder balance, safety and academic performance. Refractive errors could be causing chronic eye strain and headaches, while also impacting your ability to drive or read.

Understanding Our Eye Exams in Fenton

Eye exams in Fenton include a series of important tests and evaluations. Our optometrist in Fenton MO will dilate your pupils to look inside the eye for signs of disease. We also use specialized instruments to view the front of the eye under illumination and magnification. Measurements of your eyes' internal pressure helps us identify possible glaucoma. Our Fenton optometrist administers a number of tests to check focus, binocular vision, eye tracking/teaming, peripheral vision and color vision.

Vision tests are essential for discovering problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia so we can determine your vision prescription for corrective lenses. If you have trouble with specific parts of the eye chart, we will try different corrective combinations until we hit on your ideal vision prescription for contacts or eyeglasses in Fenton.

Your Home Base for Family Eye Exams and Vision Correction

Whatever your eye and vision exams reveal, you've come to right place to get those needs addressed. Our team can equip you with comfortable, stylish eyeglasses in Fenton -- or if you prefer contact lenses, we can administer a contact lens exam and then fit you with this convenient form of vision correction. If you have an eye disease or disorder that require care, we can make sure you receive the treatment you need to preserve your eyesight. But it all starts with you, so call (636) 305-9600 to schedule an eye exam with our Fenton optometrist!