How Sunglasses Protect Your Vision

How Sunglasses Protect Your Vision in Fenton

Whether you choose sunglasses for fashion or to shade your eyes, you are doing your vision a favor. In fact, wearing sunglasses all year round when outdoors is important for protecting your eyes. At Fenton Family Eyecare we want to help you save your sight with this advice about wearing sunglasses.

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses?

Whenever you are outdoors your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, no matter whether it is sunny or there is snow on the ground. These UV rays are damaging to your eyes and can lead to a number of eye conditions. The radiation can cause cancerous growths, cataract formation, and macular degeneration. You can even cause a sunburn on your eyeballs, which is known as photokeratitis. Sunglasses with UV protection of at least 99 percent will block these rays and help save your vision.

Can You Find Designer Sunglasses in Fenton That Provide UV Protection?

Designer sunglasses can provide UV protection for your eyes. However, just because the sunglasses are high-end and have a dark lens doesn’t mean they are effective UV protection. To ensure your designer sunglasses in Fenton offer at least 99 percent UV protection, let an optometrist assist you.

Are Prescription Sunglasses in Fenton Protective Against UV Rays?

Yes, here at our optometry clinic in Fenton we provide prescription sunglasses that are UV protectant. When you visit our office we begin with a comprehensive eye exam to determine eyeglass prescription. You then select a pair of sunglass frames, such as our designer shades, to hold your prescription sunglass lenses. We also offer polarized lenses, which minimize the glare from water, bright objects, and reflective surfaces.

Contact an Optometrist in Fenton, MO

Now that you understand the benefits of choosing sunglasses with UV protection, it is time to contact your optometrist in Fenton, MO. At Fenton Family Eyecare we also provide contact lens exams, ortho-k, and sports vision, as well as pre- and post-operative care for Lasik eye surgery.

Schedule your appointment with an eye doctor in Fenton by contacting our office at 636-305-9600. Inquire about our current discount of 40 percent off Swiss Eyewear Group Invu sunglasses when you purchase a year of contact lenses.

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