Orthokeratology in Fenton is a time-tested approach toward improving vision to the point where patients no longer need to wear eyeglasses or contacts during the day to see clearly.

Our optometry clinic in Fenton has been helping patients improve their eyesight for many years now. We are devoted to providing the best ortho-k in Fenton, MO and giving our patients the highest level of service that you would expect from a family optometry clinic.

Understanding Ortho-K

Patients who are curious about ortho-k in Fenton will be glad to know that this approach toward vision correction is a simple process that is easy to understand. As your eye doctor in Fenton will tell you during your consultation, ortho-k is a way to change the shape of your cornea, which is at the front of the eye.

Ortho-k is typically used to correct nearsightedness, but it is also used to treat cases of astigmatism, presbyopia and hyperopia.

A caveat: Ortho-k is not a procedure that once completed, permanently changes your vision for the better. Patients must wear the ortho-k nighttime contacts every night in order to maintain the benefits and see more clearly.

About our Approach to Ortho-k in Fenton

At our optometry clinic in Fenton, we’ve found that most patients can benefit from ortho-k. In fact, ortho-k is preferable in children who want to correct their vision without surgery or glasses. If you are looking for a simple procedure that can yield big results, ortho-k may be just what you’ve been looking for in vision correction.

The eye doctor will first consult with you to see if overnight contacts are suitable for you and the type of lifestyle you lead. You must have healthy eyes as well as a commitment to wearing the contacts every night.

During the procedure, the eye doctor measures your corneas’ curvature, using a device known as a corneal topographer. This is a pain-free experience and it lasts about 60 seconds. Then, a topographical map of your eyes is produced.

The data from this map is used to create special, customized contact lenses. You do not wear these to see during the day. Instead, you wear them at night. As you sleep, the contacts will gently reshape your corneas until your vision is corrected.

Patients often experience improved vision within a day or two of treatment. As is the case with standard eyeglasses and contact lenses, the optometrist may need to create a few different prescriptions for your ortho-k overnight contacts until the right strength is reached.

Make an Appointment With Your Preferred Optometrist in Fenton, MO

The ortho-k in Fenton, MO that we provide in our clinic will help reshape your corneas so that your vision improves. If you would like to discuss your eyesight with an optometrist in Fenton, MO to see what options are available, we want to invite you to make an appointment at your convenience. For details on using overnight contacts from our eye doctor in Fenton, please contact Fenton Family Eyecare today.