Caring for your eyes and your vision starts with identifying risks and taking steps to protect your eyes. A key part of preventative care is a regular eye exam from an optometry clinic in Fenton. Depending on your concerns, an optometrist in Fenton, MO may recommend annual or bi-annual exams to check on your eyes.

What are Eye Exams in Fenton?

Eye exams in Fenton refer to comprehensive exams to check on the health of your eyes. It may include vision exams as well as tests to check on the current risks to your eyes. For example, we may test the pressure in your eyes to determine the risk of glaucoma or other conditions. We also test for risk factors based on your age and concerns.

How Often Should You Consider an Exam?

As a general rule, we recommend annual eye exams to check on your vision and eye health. We also suggest annual exams for children and young adults, who may have changes to their vision over the course of a year. Do not wait until you notice a change to your vision or ignore your situation. An annual exam allows a professional to identify potential risks to your eyes and provide a treatment plan for your goals. We may also clarify risk factors based on your current health and the medications you take for your health.

When to Visit an Optometrist in Fenton, MO

You want to visit an optometrist in Fenton, MO when you notice changes to your vision or you have concerns about the health of your eyes. You may also visit our clinic when you face injuries to your eyes or notice a problem with your vision.

Wesuggest annual visits for a basic eye exam and vision exams. The annual visit allows us to determine a baseline for your eyes, catch problems at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment to keep your eyes healthy.

Start Taking Care of Your Eyesight with a Visit to a Fenton Optometrist

Your vision starts with identifying potential complications that may harm your eyes. At our clinic, we provide the treatment and care you need to keep your eyes healthy at every stage of your life. Whether you want to get an exam before your children return to normal school activities or you want to catch a problem with your eyes, we offer the treatment you need for your goals.

To learn more about our treatment process or to set up an appointment for an annual eye exam, contact us at (636) 305-9600 today.