When you need special contact lenses for your eyes, you may need to look into different options. Depending on the challenges that impact your vision, an optometrist in Fenton may recommend different contacts and options. At our clinic, we offer different specialty contact lenses in Fenton to help address your visual concerns.

What are Special Contact Lenses?

Special contact lenses refer to any type of lenses that focus on specific complications with your eyes. They may range from rigid lenses that have durable materials or options designed for astigmatism. Hybrid lenses are an option that incorporate aspects of rigid and soft lenses and an optometry clinic in Fenton may suggest the material if your eyes need certain aspects of both lenses.

You can also scleral lenses from an optometrist in Fenton, MO if you have an irregular cornea. The larger size combined with the rigid material supports the cornea and takes up a portion of the white of your eyes for a better impact on your vision.

Why Consider Specialty Lenses from an Eye Doctor in Fenton?

The reason you may want to consider specialty lenses from an eye doctor in Fenton depend on your current visual health. If you have an eye condition that interferes with your vision, then specialty contact lenses in Fenton may help address the underlying problems with your eyes. It also allows you to avoid traditional glasses when you want to correct your vision.

Depending on your concerns and eye health, the materials and type of lenses we recommend may vary. In some cases, you may need bi-focal or multi-focal lenses as well as specific materials to correct your vision without causes discomfort or complications with your eyes. At our clinic, we evaluate your eyes before recommending different options.

Specialty lenses give you the opportunity to correct your vision without traditional glasses. Depending on your needs, the type of specialty lenses we recommend and the materials that you will find comfortable when wearing contact lenses may vary. To learn more about the options to correct your vision in Fenton, call 636-305-9600 today.