Overcoming Common Misunderstandings About Orthokeratology

Understanding orthokeratology, particularly as a viable option for vision correction, often entails sifting through various misconceptions and inaccurately portrayed information. As a unique and innovative approach that uses overnight contact lenses to reshape the cornea, orthokeratology ensures improved vision during day time, eliminating the need for glasses or daytime contacts. At Fenton Family Eyecare, our aim is to equip our patients with correct and comprehensive information about modern eye care advancements—including orthokeratology.

In this blog series, we commit to addressing and debunking myths and misunderstandings commonly associated with orthokeratology, providing a clearer understanding of this cutting-edge vision correction solution. With content grounded in reliable research and expert insights, these blog posts aim to dispel doubts, address concerns, and accurately depict the safety, efficacy, and long-term impacts of orthokeratology.

With misinformation often causing apprehensions, leading to people missing out on potentially beneficial treatments, our goal is to provide a reliable resource for decoding the complexities of orthokeratology. This series examines broad misunderstandings, health-related queries, concerns regarding safety and efficacy, and long-term outcomes.

Join us as we venture into debunking the most common myths, discuss safety aspects, comprehend its role in maintaining eye health, and understand long-term impacts tied to orthokeratology. Trust our experienced professionals at Fenton Family Eyecare to guide you in your journey to achieve optimal eye health, as we uncover the various aspects and undisclosed potentials of orthokeratology.

Myth 1: Orthokeratology is Painful and Uncomfortable

One common misunderstanding is that wearing orthokeratology lenses overnight may cause discomfort or even pain. In reality, these lenses are specifically designed to be used while sleeping, made from breathable, gas permeable materials providing optimal comfort. Although some users may require an adjustment period to get used to the sensation of wearing lenses overnight, the majority of orthokeratology patients report no pain and find the process quite comfortable.

Myth 2: Orthokeratology is Only for the Young

Another misconception about orthokeratology is that it is exclusively for younger patients. While orthokeratology has been successfully utilized as a myopia control method for children, it can also be an effective vision correction solution for people of all ages. Ortho-K can address a range of refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism across various age groups. Essentially, the suitability of orthokeratology depends on an individual’s eye health and prescription, rather than their age.

Myth 3: Orthokeratology Lenses Are Difficult to Care For

Orthokeratology lenses do require proper care and maintenance, but they are not inherently more challenging to manage than regular contact lenses. By following your eye care professional’s guidelines, caring for your Ortho-K lenses will become second nature. Regular cleaning, storing, and disinfecting of your orthokeratology lenses will help maintain their quality and ensure healthy eyes. In essence, adopting a diligent lens care routine is necessary, but there is no added complexity specific to orthokeratology lenses.

Myth 4: Success Rates with Orthokeratology Are Inconsistent

Orthokeratology has been widely researched and proven as a reliable vision correction method for many individuals. However, some people question the consistency of its success. While it is true that the outcomes of orthokeratology treatment may vary slightly based on factors such as prescription and eye health, the majority of patients experience significant improvements in their day-to-day vision.

The efficacy of orthokeratology can be optimized through personalized care – whether it is adhering to the specifics of your eye care professional’s recommendations or investing in high-quality lenses tailored for your eyes. With proper lens care and regular follow-ups to monitor progress, orthokeratology has a high success rate for qualified patients.

Myth 5: Orthokeratology is Unsafe and Can Damage the Eyes

Safety concerns regarding orthokeratology typically stem from outdated information or misinformation about the process. As a non-surgical method of vision correction, orthokeratology is generally considered safe and effective. There are risks associated with any form of contact lens use, but orthokeratology lenses are no more dangerous than other types of contacts.

It is crucial to adhere to proper lens care, routine eye checkups, and maintain open lines of communication with your eye care professional to ensure your eyes stay healthy while using orthokeratology lenses. By following your provider’s recommendations and promptly addressing any concerns, orthokeratology can be a safe and successful experience.


With an innovative and unique approach to vision correction, orthokeratology is shrouded in many myths and misconceptions. By debunking these misunderstandings, we hope to alleviate common concerns and provide accurate information for those exploring orthokeratology as a potential vision correction option. Ultimately, the essential factors in determining if orthokeratology is right for you are your eye health, specific vision needs, and consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable eye care professional.

At Fenton Family Eyecare, we strive to provide comprehensive and personalized eye care to our patients, equipping individuals with accurate information and support to make informed decisions about their visual health. If you’re considering orthokeratology as a vision correction solution, our team is here to guide you in evaluating its potential benefits, addressing your concerns, and ensuring you have the support and care you need as you explore this remarkable option.

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